Does Oh Dear count in your visitor statistics?

In most cases, the crawling we do to check for broken links and mixed content does not add to your website visitor statistics.

Client-side statistics #

If you use anything that measures your visitors on the client side, like Google Analytics, Simple Analytics, Fathom Analytics, ... the Oh Dear crawler will not count in your visitor stats.

We do not execute any JavaScript on the client side, and as a result, none of those tracking tools will see the Oh Dear crawler as a visitor.

Server-side logs #

If you use a server-side log parser, like Netlify's logs, Goaccess, AWStats, Webalizer, ..., you will see the Oh Dear crawler as one of the visitors.

Because those parsers look at the server logs to count visitors, we will be seen as one of those visitors.

The best course of action would be to exclude the Oh Dear IP addresses from the parsing software.

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