How do you handle service outages?

Some services such as AWS or Cloudflare can have issues across the world, but not everywhere. We do not cache DNS results and it's possible that the sites remain available in your primary region (e.g. Paris), but fail via secondary location (e.g. New York) which could result in your site still being considered 'up'.

Also, depending on the site settings, it can take 2-3 minutes of continued downtime (ie: multiple checks in a row)before alerts are sent. This can be configured per site.

You can also follow our Twitter and status page to stay up to date with any monitoring issues we may have or any wider-events occurring that would impact performance metrics around the world.

If you are still unsure reach out to support with any specific queries and we can take a closer look.

Read more about how we monitor Cloudflare sites.

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