What is a DNS AAAA record?

There are several types of records - or Resource Records as they are called - in the Domain Name System (DNS). This page explains what the AAAA record is and how it's used.

The purpose of a DNS AAAA record

An AAAA record is very similar to the A record. The only meaningful difference is that an AAAA record is used to describe an IPv6 address instead of an IPv4 address.

Much like the A record tells the client where to find the server over IPv4, the AAAA record will tell the client where to find the server over the IPv6 network.

What does it mean if an A record changes?

The same as if it would be an A record, so we kindly refer to to the explanation of what it means if an A record changes.

The structure of a DNS AAAA record

This too is similar to the A record:

ma.ttias.be.	300	    IN	AAAA	2a03:b0c0:2:d0::b:d001

It follows the same structure as other DNS records:

<host>          <TTL>   IN  A       <IPv6 address>

Special use cases of DNS AAAA records

See the same examples shown in DNS A records, as they are almost identical.

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