Getting the certificate health of a site with our PHP SDK

Make sure you've read the getting started guide first. Once that's done, you should have our package & authentication ready to go.

Getting the certificate

If your site has its certificate health check enabled, you can get some information regarding the found certificate.

$certificate = $ohDear->site($siteId)->certificateHealth();

//alternatively you could do this
$certificate = $ohDear->certificateHealth($siteId);

Both methods above will return an OhDear\PhpSdk\Resources\CertificateHealth instance.

You can get the properties of a certificate

// An array containing some details about the certificate itself

// An array containing all the checks we performed on the certificate

// An array containing the names of all the issuers in the certificate chain.

The specific return values are described in the certificate health API endpoint.

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