View the logs from webhooks

Once you've set up the webhook endpoints, you'll start receiving data from Oh Dear. We've created a convenient method to see which events got sent and which reply we've received from your end, to help troubleshooting.

Webhook logs

On the same page where you've set up your webhooks, you'll find a Log tab. In there, you can see the full payload of each webhook event we sent your way.

Webhook logs

This data will give you all the insights you need to further implement the different webhook events in your application.

In the listing, you will see:

  • View full request: this contains all the HTTP headers and the JSON payload we have sent to your endpoint
  • View full response: if your endpoint returned an HTML body, we will show it here

Additionally, we'll show the HTTP status code we received back from your endpoint.

Resending events

When developing, it's often convenient to be able to replay events. On the same page, you'll find a Resend button that will send the same HTTP headers and payload back to your HTTPS endpoint.

This allows you to easily receive the alerts over and over again, to test implementations on your end.

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