Configuring HipChat notifications in Oh Dear

HipChat works by configuring webhooks that receive data. Every time the webhook is called, the data will be posted to a channel in your Discord.

Getting started

This guide assumes you've followed our Getting Started documentation to know where you can configure your notifications.

Configure HipChat notifications

Once you're in the notifications menu, you can see the Hipchat configuration settings.

Oh Dear HipChat settings

Hipchat works by configuring webhooks that receive data, that in turn will be posted to a room in your HipChat. HipChat's official documentation explains in detail how to create your webhook.

Here's how that might look:


[fqdn] is your fully qualified Hipchat domain name (for example, [id] can be a numeric room ID or its display name.

On the Oh Dear side, you only need to copy/paste your HipChat webhook in our notification setting, determine which events should be sent and you're done.

The room that receives your message will be part of the webhook URL. To change the room your messages get sent to, change the webhook URL to match the correct room ID.

For more details, see the official HipChat documentation on webhooks.

Testing the HipChat alerts

Head over to the Send test tab to test the alert and you're all set!

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