Add your logo and favicon to your status page

You can add your own logo to the top of your Oh Dear! status page. On this page we'll share some details and tips on how to make good use of your logo.

Logo sizes #

When a logo gets uploaded through your status page settings, it will automatically be resized to 240px height. The width is calculated dynamically.

On the status page itself, the logo will be displayed with a height of 90px.

By uploading the image with a higher resolution than it's being displayed at, users on a high-pixel/hd retina display will get the best looking version of your logo.

Logo design tips #

You can modify the background color of the status page to match your brand. On top of this, you could tweak the background color of your logo to match the background of the page, to let it blend in.

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By default, our status pages have a white background. If you upload a logo with a white background, it will look like it's a natural fit.