Mixed content checking

We crawl your site and will report any unsecure & mixed content errors we find.

We'll report all pages where we find mixed content, so you can fix it before your users notify you. If you manage a CMS where your clients can modify the content, you can help protect them from themselves!

Why is preventing mixed content important?

Mixed content poses a security risk for your users and can cause core functionality of your application to break as browsers block specific requests.

The idea is simple: if your website is secured via an HTTPS SSL certificate, you don't want to load unsecure content in your site. This means CSS, Javascript, images, ... Every time you load an unsecure resource, you potentially undermine the security of your own website.

Oh Dear! finds and reports these violations. This allows you to fix the problem (ie: load the resources over HTTPS instead of HTTP) and help keep both your website and your users safe.

If you don't, you risk getting your Javascript or CSS blocked by the browser, which might just break your entire website.

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