How often does Oh Dear! check the uptime, certificate & broken links?

We're always watching over your sites, 24/7.

Not all checks are created equal. Some take a really long time to complete and can't be run every 5 minutes. Others are so light, we could practically run them every second. But since we care about your - and our - servers, we try to be smart about these timings.

Website uptime checks

We check the status of your website every minute.

As soon as we see an error, we start to check the site every minute. As long as the problem persists, we'll keep checking every minute to get accurate reportings on the downtime and the availability of your site.

Broken links & mixed content checking

For these checks, we crawl your website & all pages we find, parse the DOM, look for mixed content in all obscure places and create a report so you know which pages to take action on.

These checks run every 12 hours.

Certificate health checks

These include certificate chain validations, expiration dates, change notifications, SHA-1 hashes (those are bad!), ...

These checks run every 5 minutes. Certificates don't actually change that often, but if you - or your provider - makes a change, we want to notify you ASAP, so you have time to make corrections if needed.

Certificate Transparency Alerting

We check all publicly known Certificate Transparency Logs and will alert you whenever a new certificate is issued for one of your domains.

These checks run all the time. The logs are read in real-time, as soon as certificate is detected - you'll know.

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