Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your website's availability from multiple locations.

Make sure you know your site is offline before your customers do.

Our probes run every 5 minutes from a location of your choice. If errors are detected, they get bumped to run every minute & are verified via an independent location. Once we've confirmed your site is down, we'll notify you instantly.

There are many reasons a site can go down; failing DNS, network connectivity, high load on the server, ... whatever the cause may be, we alert you instantly. With all the details to help you troubleshoot.

We monitor what truly matters: your application or website. If we fail to receive an HTTP/200 response within a reasonable timeframe, we mark your site as down. When we hit 3 successive failures, we send out notifications so you can intervene.

Is just monitoring a status code not enough? You can configure a piece of text we need to verify on the page too. If we receive an HTTP/200, but the string is missing in the source code, we'll mark the site as down.

Want to get into the nitty gritty details of our uptime monitoring? Have a look at our documentation.

There are plenty more features to convince you why Oh Dear! should monitor your sites.