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Why is my application health check reporting old results?

You might have seen the following message report by Oh Dear when collecting your application health results:

The latest health check results reported by your server are more than 10 minutes old. Please verify that health checks are still running on your server.

The finishedAt key in your JSON response should be formatted as a Unix timestamp (without milliseconds) otherwise we will not parse the time correctly.

You can view the full, expected results schema in our documentation: https://ohdear.app/docs/features/application-health-monitoring#all-other-languages

You can view some examples of create and converting to unix timestamps in PHP, Laravel and Typescript below:


// create new unix timestamp $timestamp = time(); // convert to unix timestamp $datetime = "2024-04-02 12:00:00"; $timestamp = strtotime($datetime);


// create new unix timestamp $timestamp = Carbon::now()->timestamp; $timestamp = now()->timestamp; // convert to unix timestamp $datetime = "2024-04-02 12:00:00"; // Example datetime $timestamp = Carbon::parse($datetime)->timestamp;


// create new unix timestamp const timestamp: number = Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000); // convert to unix timestamp const datetimeIso: string = "2024-04-02T12:00:00Z"; const timestamp: number = Math.floor(new Date(datetimeIso).getTime() / 1000);

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