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Public status pages

In times of crisis, a public status page allows you to communicate to your clients. We'll host your status page so it's always available. You can focus on providing updates to your users.

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setup status page

Set up your status page(s)

Create as many pages as you like

You're free to create as many status pages as you'd like. On each status page, you determine which websites should be included.

You can create a status page per website and give it to your end users. Or you can create one big status page with every site on it, and use it as your office dashboard. The choice is yours.

Status pages can be multilingual as well. So you can keep your audience informed in their own language.


  • You can run your own status page on your own domain. Setup is as simple as changing a single DNS record. Want to set it up? Have a look at our documentation on custom domains.
customize status page

Customize the looks to match your brand

Make it look like a natural part of your website
Among other things, you can pick:
  • Your status page title & welcome message
  • The text for when things go down
  • Your logo & favicon
  • The background & text colors, border colors & width
  • The URL to link back to in the top-left navigation
setup updates

Set up updates: control what you share and how it’s shared

Manual messaging or fully automated, you’re in control

When tied to our uptime monitoring, we can automatically update your status pages for you with a message of your choosing.

Brutally honest or tactfully careful? You control the tone of voice and how much information you want to share.

Prefer to keep things under control and post only select messages to your status page? No problem, disable the auto-updates and every message should be posted manually - either through the dashboard or with our API.

make the difference

Make the difference

by keeping your users up-to-date

Downtime happens. It's how you communicate and keep your users up-to-date that makes the difference.

Our flexible messages-system lets you post updates and mark incidents as resolved. They get published to the status page and the RSS feed, keeping everyone informed.


Healthy websites, happy clients

If you’re an agency or developer, Oh Dear is your perfect partner in crime.
If you launch multiple sites each year, a great multitude of things can break over times without anyone noticing instantly. Oh Dear is your second pair of eyes to keep all of these websites healty, and your clients happy.

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Really into the nitty gritty details?

Want to get into the nitty gritty details of our uptime monitoring?
Have a look at our documentation.

Wait, there’s even more

ssl shield

Continuous certificate monitoring

SSL certificates are essential in website security. We check all your certificate expiration dates & alert any change we detect.

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Performance monitoring

We provide highly detailed performance monitoring and insights. We'll notify you as soon as we detect your website is getting slow.

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Fast and insightfull notifications

Get notified instantly as soon as we detect an issue or an important change. Enable any channel you use, you're in full control.

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Scheduled task monitoring

Your cron jobs (Linux) and scheduled tasks (Windows) are the heart of your data processing. We can monitor every single one of them.

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broken link base broken link image 1 broken link image 2

Broken page & mixed content

We crawl and index your entire website, just like Google. As soon as we detect a broken link on your site we will let you know.

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dns dropwdown

DNS record monitoring

Receive a notification whenever your DNS records are modified - intentionally or maliciously - so you can act and verify faster.

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Application health monitoring

A lot can go wrong inside your app and server. Disk space may fill up, or the database may go down. We'll notify you when something is off.

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Global uptime checking

When your site goes down we'll let you know instantly. Now you can act before your or your client's brand reputation takes a hit.

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⚠️ Domain expired / transfer allowed

Domain monitoring

We can check how long your domain is still registered. If your renewal date is close, we'll notify you. This will avoid you losing your domain.

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Lighthouse SEO monitoring

We track the speed & performance of your website over time. If we detect your website is suddenly slower, we'll let you know.

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