Get notified instantly when parts of your application become unstable

A lot can go wrong inside your application and server. Disk space may fill up, the database may go down, your queues may not be running any jobs. We can let you know as soon there is something off.

A unique take on application monitoring

Oh Dear will not run any code inside your application or server. Instead, you should perform the checks yourself. Oh Dear will send an HTTP request to your application to a specific endpoint. Your application should respond with JSON containing the result of health checks.

While this may seem like a lot of work, the big advantages are that you don't need to install any kind of agent on your server. You can perform any health check that you want.

An example of how health check results look like in Oh Dear.
Screenshot of a listing of application health checks

All applications are welcome

In our extensive documentation, you'll find detailed instructions on how to transmit the health checks of your application to Oh Dear. These instructions work for any framework or language. If you want to monitor a PHP application, we've already built a package that'll help you build up the output that we expect.

Oh Dear loves Laravel

Laravel is one of the best frameworks in the PHP ecosystem. Monitoring a Laravel app using Oh Dear is very simple. The Laravel Health package by the open source veterans at Spatie, comes with various checks out of the box, and has a built-in way to transmit the results to Oh Dear.

See the history of your checks

We don't only store the latest results of all of your health checks, but we'll also keep the past results. This way, you can see trends in th things you are monitoring. We also make this data available through our API, so can do with it whatever you want.

Here's how the history of an application health checks looks like.
Example of the history of an application health check