We notify you the instant your DNS records change

Receive a notification whenever your DNS records are modified - intentionally or maliciously - so you can act and verify faster.

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Our easy-to-use but powerful DNS monitoring gives you the insurance that you will get notified whenever a DNS record on your website changes.

Why monitor your DNS records?

Your DNS records are the crucial behind-the-scenes component nobody notices, until it's broken. It is what translates your domain name (what we humans understand) to an IP address (what computers understand).

As long as that translation works, everyone's happy. But if it's broken, it is crucial to know about it quickly and take action.

An example of DNS records being monitored.
Screenshot of a listing of DNS records being monitored

Oh Dear will detect your DNS records for your domain and keep you informed on both changes and failures being detected.

Pragmatic & no-hassle DNS monitoring

It may sound complex to monitor DNS records, but we take care of the hard bits. We will automatically detect your DNS records and set up the monitoring from our side, you'll receive clear notifications whenever we detect problems.

With extensive documentation on what each DNS record means, we've got you covered.

Decide which DNS records matter to you

We can monitor any DNS record on your site, but you may only care about a few of those. Not a problem!

You can toggle each kind of DNS record you want to receive notifications about in the settings, per website.

Decide which DNS record are most important to you
Example of a enabling/disabling the DNS record you care about

If you're behind a DDoS protection service that often changes IP addresses for you, you can disable A or AAAA record monitoring. You'll still get valuable notifications for changes related to your MX or TXT records.