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These are the features available to Oh Dear! users. This includes website uptime monitoring, status pages, broken links checking & certificate health reporting.

Website uptime monitoring

We check the availability of your website from different endpoints all around the world.

If your site is down, we'll notify you instantly.

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Status pages

You can create an unlimited amount of status pages, combining one or more sites in your account.

A status page per client and one overview that includes them all for your office? We've got it.

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Broken links checking

We crawl your entire site and create a list of all links that are broken.

This includes both internal links (on your own domain) as well as external links (sites you link to).

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Certificate health checks

We scan your domain and verify if your SSL/TLS certificates are good: the expiration date, the chain of trust, trusted root anchors, SHA1 hashes, ...

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Mixed content checking

When we crawl your site, we can pinpoint the locations where you've included unsecure HTTP content. Many browsers block this from loading, giving your users a suboptimal experience.

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Powerful notifications

We can notify you any way you'd like. Through e-mail, SMS, Slack, Discord, Hipchat, ... take your pick!

Want more? With our webhooks & API, you can link our service to pretty much anything.

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