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Global uptime checking

Worried your site might go down? We have servers worldwide that will report any problem as soon as it happens.

Be the first to know when your site is unavailable.

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Broken page & mixed content detection

We crawl and index your entire website, just like Google. As soon as we detect a broken link on your site, we'll notify you.

This includes error pages like "page not found", "internal server error" and even "mixed content".

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Public status pages

In times of crisis, a public status page allows you to communicate to your clients.

We'll host your status page so it's always available. You can focus on providing updates to your users.

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Performance monitoring

We track the speed & performance of your website over time. If we detect your website is suddenly slower, we'll let you know.

You can quickly see if there's a change in performance that needs to be addressed.

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Notifications for everything

Receive our notifications on your prefered platform.

Via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Pushover, webhooks,… we can notify you wherever your team is active.

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Scheduled task monitoring

Your cron jobs (Linux) and scheduled tasks (Windows) are the heart of your data processing. What happens when they stop working?

We can monitor every task and notify you if they haven't run on their scheduled times. Don't wait for things to escalate, react quickly and fix your scheduled tasks!

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Application Health monitoring

Even if your public facing pages aren't showing any errors, your application may still have problems. The disk space on your server might be running low, queues may be stalled, an external API might be facing a problem, ...

We'll keep an eye on all critical parts of your application. As soon as we detect a problem, we'll notify you so you can fix the problem before your uses notice.

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DNS record monitoring

We'll monitor your DNS records for accuracy and detect changes.

Having your DNS records change can have big consequences for the availability of your website or API. We'll monitor each record and notify you the moment we detect a change.

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