Adding even more uptime check locations to Oh Dear

We're starting this new year strong with an additional new 8 locations to check your websites from!

Increasing our website monitoring coverage

We've just finished adding uptime capacity in the following locations:

  • Asia: Seoul & Singapore
  • US West: San Francisco & Los Angeles
  • Middle-East: Bahrain
  • United Kingdom: London
  • South America: Sao Paulo
  • Africa: Cape Town

That's 8 new locations to configure any website monitoring from!

In all our previous locations, we've increased our server capacity to support our continued growth.

World-wide locations

We're proud to say we have uptime capacity in just about any location around the world.

An interactive map of the Oh Dear locations

Our most popular ones still include Europe (Frankfurt is #1, Paris is #2) with Dallas (US mid) at a close #3.

We'll revisit those numbers in a year to see how the user-base is shifting. 😀

All our monitoring IPs in one place

We've updated our page with all our monitoring IPs as well. You can now get the list of IPs in a few handy formats:

As we've added new capacity, you'll find new IP addresses in those lists.


With the new European reality of the UK, the need for a dedicated UK location was clear. We were already starting to receive the first questions from clients about a UK-based location, as they are restricting who can visit their websites using GEO-location of the IP address.

With our new London capacity, uptime checks will be coming directly from within the UK and any IP-to-location check will match the UK.

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