Adding postcard notifications to our alerts

Imagine: you live in a forest. You're cut off from technology. You don't trust mobile phones. The mailman comes ones a week to check up on you. He's the only person you talk to. His name is Mike and he's super into knitting. You get along fine.

In this situation, how would you know if your website was still working if you didn't have internet to receive notifications?

Why do you even have a website when you live in the middle of a forest? Because everyone has a website, that's why.

Well today we have good news. We'll be able to notify you through Mike, the mailman.

Introducing postcard notifications for site alerts

You're now able to configure postcard notifications in your Oh Dear account.

Postcard Notifications

All we need is the address to send them to and your patience. A lot of patience. Did we mention it takes a few days for these alerts to arrive? Fingers crossed Mike doesn't get sick and miss a week of deliveries.

Oh Oh!

The downtime alerts are slightly different than our normal postcards. We wouldn't want to confuse our users. We really think about these kind of details, y'know.

If something's wrong, you'll know straight away.

Postcard Notifications - oh oh!

And if the problem is resolved, what more do you need than a simple "OK"?

Postcard Notifications - ok

Our users always come first

We realize we've been prioritizing the digital natives too much lately. All our notifications were digital. How could we miss this?!

To all our users that live in a forest, devoid of technology, WiFi signals and 4G connectivity: we apologize.

As always, we hope you can sleep better knowing we'll finally be able to reach you if your online presence has gone offline!

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