Enjoy our Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is almost here, and you'll probably see a lot of discounts coming your way. At Oh Dear, our deals already start today!

In the past, we doubled our prices. This year we're going to make things cheaper. You'll probably like that better. 🙂

You can get a discount of 30% on the first three months you're subscribing to Oh Dear. Just use this coupon code when subscribing: BLACK-WEEK-2020. This coupon code will be valid until this Friday, end of day.

We got one more thing in store! In normal times, our cheapest plan is 10 EUR/m that allows you to monitor 5 sites. We think some people would still love to get on board of Oh Dear with a smaller plan.

That's why we temporarily added a 5 EUR / month (55 EUR / year) plan that allows you to monitor 2 sites. This plan will also only be available until this Friday, end of day. Once you're on the 5 EUR plan, you can remain there for life!

Now is a perfect time to start monitoring your sites. Oh Dear not only notifies you when your site is down, but also when your SSL will or has expired. We will also crawl your entire website and notify you when there are broken links. Earlier this year we also added scheduled task monitoring.

We offer a no-strings-attached free trial of 10 days in which you can use all our features. Sign up now!

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