Introducing Nick and Sean to the Oh Dear team

We're growing the team at Oh Dear with two very strong additions: Nick and Sean.

Ever since we started Oh Dear (almost 5 years ago 😱) we've been adding new features, scaling out our infrastructure and growing our user base.

That growth has lead us to two important realisations:

  1. Slowly but surely, Oh Dear is growing beyond our ability to manage it with just Freek & Me (Mattias)
  2. The growth has provided us the funding to look for strong hires to enhance our team

As a result, we're very proud to introduce both Nick and Sean that are working on Oh Dear!


Sean is working on our client support & bugfixes. His background in both Finance and Laravel development gives him a unique perspective and skillset to tackle our client questions and implement long-lasting fixes for recurring problems in our support queue.

Where to find Sean online:


Nick's implementing a brand new redesign for Oh Dear, something we started working on months ago, and is in the final stages of being converted to working HTML & CSS.

That redesign contains a lot of frontend challenges, as we're really going all out in the new design. Nick's vast experience in frontend frameworks is being put to the test in order to implement every little detail.

The results are already looking slick! 💪

Redesign Oh Dear 2022 - Teaser

(But, more on that redesign in later blogposts. #tease)

Where to find Nick online:

Both were hired for their unique skillsets, not for their amount of Twitter followers. If you want to stay up-to-date with some behind the scenes leaks, make sure to give them a follow. 😁

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