Status page subscriptions are now available

Using Oh Dear you can create beautiful status pages. As from today, you can let your users also subscribe to updates on those status pages. In this blog post we'll tell you all about it.

Subscribing to status pages updates

In addition to monitoring your site, Oh Dear also provides status page. Here's how such a status page looks like. Click here to view it in your browser.


Don't let that URL fool you: "" could make you think it's served by the Flare, but that domain points in fact to Oh Dear. We use some fancy hosting setup to map subdomains to routes in Oh Dear.

Using such a status page you can inform the users of events happening at your service: things like up and down notices, but also things like scheduled maintenance.

When you click the new "Subscribe to updates" button on top of the page, you'll see that we now offer two ways of subscribing: Slack and RSS. We might add more channels in the future.


That dropdown is powered by Alpine JS. More specifically, we used Alpine's drop down component as a basis. Do check out the other Alpine components too.

When you click "Via Slack", you'll get redirected to a Slack authorization screen, on which you can choose the channel in your workspace where we should send notifications.


To demonstrate that the Slack connection is working, we send immediately send a welcome notification to your Slack channel. This is what it looks like:


In your browser, you'll get redirected to the notification preferences screen. Where you can customise that message that you'd like to receive.


An Oh Dear status page can display the status of multiple sites and updates can concerns different severities. If you only want to receive "high" and "resolved" severity updates of the Flare API you can configure it like this.


Here's how those notification will look in your Slack channel whenever something goes wrong with Flare's API.


Should too many notifications come in for your taste, then you can even decide to snooze notifications for a certain amount of time.



In closing

A while ago, we asked publicly on Twitter which features we should add to our service. Status page updates was one of the nicest suggestions we got. We'll also implement a few others soon.

If you have a feature request, get in touch! We're listening!

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