Two smallish improvements to our DNS check

As you probably know, Oh Dear is run by a small but capable team. One of the advantages of being small is that we can implement stuff pretty quickly: there’s no red tape, and our code base is very healthy.

So, when our users have feature requests that make sense to add to Oh Dear, we can move fast. In the past month, we implemented two smallish feature requests for our DNS check we got through support.

Here’s what our new DNS settings screens look like. The first option, monitoring different CNAMES, was already added a few months ago.

We now added the ability to disable the check whether all of your nameservers are in sync. Under normal circumstances, DNS nameservers of a domain are in check. But in advanced setups, this might not be the case. That’s why we added the option to disable that aspect of our DNS check.

The second option is the ability to monitor the DNS of your main domain. This option is only available if the site you’re monitoring is on a subdomain. Some of our users wanted to simultaneously monitor the site on the subdomain and the DNS records of the main domain.

We hope you like this improvement. Should you have any ideas or feature requests to improve Oh Dear, let us know!

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