We now support Pushover's priority messages

When we detect something wrong with your site (it is down, a broken link is detected, the certificate is invalid, ...), we can notify you via one of the many notification channels we support.

One of those channels is Pushover, an excellent service to send native notifications to mobile devices. We have supported Pushover since we launched a couple of years ago. Now, we've added a nice option that several of our users we're asking for: setting the priority.

When you define Pushover notifications in our UI, you'll notice a new priority field.


In the Pushover docs, you'll find a description of the behaviour of each priority. The lowest priority will not generate a notification on a mobile device but will increment the badge number. The "emergency" priority will keep on notifying you until you explicitly acknowledge the notification.

Adding support for Pushover's priorities is a minor feature, but a useful one for our customers using this service.

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