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Why doesn't Telegram show notifications?

  1. Add new group
  2. Give group a name
  3. Search for 'OhDearAppBot' and select 'Oh Dear'
  4. Copy and paste command into chat (but don't close the Oh Dear notification screen)
  5. In Telegram see '✅ Perfect! You should now save the Telegram notification settings at Oh Dear.'
  6. The add configuration screen in Oh Dear should now show 'You've connected Oh Dear to Telegram. You should now save this form.'
  7. Save the configuration in Oh Dear
  8. Select 'Send test notification' from the overflow menu against the new telegram channel from the Notifications screen.

Remember to ensure the Username of the bot is @OhDearAppBot (https://t.me/OhDearAppBot)? It should have our logo and the display name should be 'Oh Dear' (with a space).

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