We find and report broken pages on your website

We crawl your site and will report any broken pages we find. We can also check if the external pages you link to are still working.

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Would you want to know when your site is broken? We'll report all pages on your website that give an error message. These could be broken pages due to a server issue (ie: Internal Server Error) or because of a wrong link, causing a "page not found" error.

We'll also report all pages where we find mixed content (when HTTP elements are included on an HTTPS website).

We crawl your site and find broken pages

As soon as we detect broken links on your own site, we'll report them to you.

If you link to other sites, we'll optionally check those too and inform you if any of those links need to be updated. You don't want to send your visitors to a broken page, do you?

You might not have control over the external sites you link to, but we can help. We can give you the confidence that your site is up-to-date & fully functional. We want to help you give your visitors the optimal browsing experience they expect.

An example of an e-mail alert when we find broken pages on your website.
Screenshot of a Broken Links notification

Broken links presented in an easy-to-use report

We can notify you using Slack, Discord, SMS, Email, Webhooks, ... of any broken link we find. You can choose how we let you know.

Our reports will give you a clear overview of the pages we crawled, where we found broken links and where they point to.

This is a demonstration of how we can report the broken pages to you.
Screenshot of a Broken Links detail list

We check for broken links constantly

Our crawler does daily checks of your website and keeps you informed of any broken pages.

Would you know if the marketing team changed some URLs in the CMS but accidentally broke something? Or if your developer hastily shipped an update to your site, but forgot to check key pages?

Our checks are always watching for broken links and will report them to you. This way, you'll know your site is working.

No need to wait for customers telling you it's broken.

Your dashboard shows a clear confirmation when everything is OK on your website.
Screenshot of a successful result of a broken link check

Export your broken links straight to Excel or CSV

You can download a full report of all broken links we found as an Excel sheet.

It will contain the pages where we found the broken links, what URLs they pointed to and the HTTP status code we received when we crawled it.

If you have an external team that manages your site, this report will make it very easy to give them all the information they need to swiftly fix the problem.

You can quickly download a list of all the broken pages in Excel format.
Screenshot of a downloadable Excel report of broken pages

Detecting and alerting on mixed content errors

Mixed content warnings happen when you include HTTP elements on an HTTPS page. In other words: when you include unsecure resources on a secure page.

Mixed content puts your users at a security risk. It can cause core functionality of your application to break as browsers block specific requests.

If your website is secured via an HTTPS SSL certificate, you don't want to load unsecure content in your site. This means CSS, Javascript, images, ... Every time you load an unsecure resource, you potentially undermine the security of your own website.

Oh Dear finds and reports these problems. This allows you to fix the problem (ie: load the resources over HTTPS instead of HTTP) and help keep both your website and your users safe.

If you don't fix mixed content alerts, you risk getting your Javascript or CSS blocked by the browser, which might just break your entire website.

This is a demonstration of what a Slack alert looks like if we find mixed content and broken pages.
Screenshot of a Broken Links and Mixed Content alert in Slack

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