Our uptime check can now verify response headers

When we make a request to your site to verify that your site is up, the response of your server will contain certain headers. We can verify that those headers contain the values you expect. If these expectations are not met, we'll consider your site as down.

In the "Responses" section of the uptime settings page, you can specify which headers we should verify.

You could add this expectation to ensure your page uses gzip compression.

If you want to verify that a particular header is set on the response, regardless of its value, you can use the "matches pattern" condition and the * wildcard as the value. In this example, we'll verify that the response contains a header named laravel-responsecache with any value.

If you're not using Oh Dear to monitor your site, now's the perfect time to get started. We monitor uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, scheduled tasks, application health, DNS, domain expiry, and more. We send notifications when something's wrong. All that paired with a developer-friendly API and kick-ass documentation.

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