3rd party integrations of Oh Dear

The Oh Dear API lets you configure everything just about anything in our application. This page lists the 3rd party applications that have been built on top of that API.


This is a web application that can turn the Oh Dear webhooks into ClickSend calls.

You install this tool on one of your own servers and point our webhook destination to that URL. This tool will catch the webhook and in turn talk to the ClickSend API.


The CraftCMS plugin is a commercial extension to the CraftCMS. It allows you to see the integrated statistics of all our checks.

This is especially useful for our broken links & mixed content feature, as the CMS can offer you a direct edit button to take you to the page that contains the broken elements.

You can find the CraftCMS extension on the plugins page. The plugin is developed by our friends at Webhub.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin.

Overview of the CraftCMS plugin

Overview of the broken links in CraftCMS

Overview of the uptime monitoring in CraftCMS


There is a JavaScript SDK to easily interact with our Oh Dear API.

For more details on the SDK, please see the GitHub page at mohammedmanssour/ohdear-js-sdk.

Raycast extension

Raycast is one of the best application launchers for MacOS. In their store, you can find a free Oh Dear extension that allows you to these things right from Raycast:

  • view results of all checks of all your sites
  • add new sites to monitor




Drupal is one of the best known CMS in the world. The community contributed Drupal Oh Dear integration plugin can be used to set up our application health and cron monitoring checks for your Drupal app.


Statamic is a popular CMS written in the Laravel Framework. This community-contributed plugin to Statamic v3 adds insights into the health of your website, by showing the Oh Dear notifications and details directly in your Statamic admin interface.

Statamic integration with Oh Dear

This is a free add-on created by Jonas Siewertsen offered via the [Statamic marketplace](

Telegram Chatbot

Telegram is a popular chat application that allows you to create chatbots.

David Llop has developed a chatbot that anyone can use to talk to the Oh Dear API and manage the monitoring of your websites. Alternatively, you can run a local version of the chatbot, too.

Here's what it looks like.

Telegram Chatbot

The bot is written in Laravel (PHP).

Terraform Provider

HashiCorp's Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.

There is a Terraform provider that allows you to automate your monitoring workflow at Oh Dear.

Once configured, you can declare a website to be monitored like this:

resource "ohdear_site" "fnord" {
  team_id = 1337
  url     = ""

The code is published under the MIT license.


The WordPress plugin has been created by KryptoniteWP and is available for free in the WordPress plug-in listing.

This is especially useful for our broken links feature, as the plugin can offer you a direct edit button to take you to the page that contains the broken elements.

To install, navigate to Plugins > Add New in WordPress and search for Oh Dear. Click the Install button.

Install the Oh Dear plugin

The plugin is developed by our friends at KryptoniteWP.

Here are some screenshots of the WordPress plugin.

First, you'll see an overview of your site uptime for the last month.

Install the Oh Dear plugin

Next you can see the performance of your site over a longer period of time, to identify changes in behaviour.

Install the Oh Dear plugin

And last, you can see a list of broken pages Oh Dear found, direct with an edit button that takes you to the source page to make the necessary changes.

Install the Oh Dear plugin

This WordPress plugin is a must-have for anyone running WordPress and monitoring their site with Oh Dear!

iLert integration

iLert is a platform for alerting, on-call management and uptime monitoring. It helps teams to reduce response times to critical alerts by extending monitoring tools with reliable alerting, automatic escalations, on-call schedules and other features to support the incident response process, such as informing stakeholders or creating tickets in external incident management tools.

Oh Dear can be a source of alerts that you can use in iLert.

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