You can now log in faster using Google and GitHub

Since Oh Dear was launched, we offered a traditional login using the familiar email and password combination.

Today, we've launched our social login. This feature allows you to use your Google or GitHub account to log into Oh Dear.

You'll see these two new buttons on the registration and login page.

When clicking one, we'll use your Google or GitHub account to log in. When logging in, we'll search for an Oh Dear account whose email matches the email used for your Google / GitHub account.

Using this feature, you can log into your Oh Dear account with a single click.

If you're not using Oh Dear to monitor your site, now's the perfect time to get started. We monitor uptime, SSL certificates, broken links, scheduled tasks, application health, DNS, domain expiry, and more. We send notifications when something's wrong. All that paired with a developer-friendly API and kick-ass documentation.

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