You can now manage notification preferences via our API

Our service can detect various problems with your website: whenever it is down, or a broken link is detected, your cron job isn't running on time, and much much more. Whenever we see a problem we can notify you via email, Slack, webhooks, and various other channels.

Up until now, you could configure these notification channels in our UI, but now you can do this via our API as wel.

What's new?

Our comprehensive API documentation provides all the details you need to start managing your notification channels along with example payloads for each type of channel and event.

With this update it is now easier than ever to automate the applications you manage. For example, you could ensure a client email address or phone number is added to each site created and trigger a test notification once setup is complete.

The request payload is the same as the response body which makes it easy to copy your existing configurations across sites.


Create a new email configuration for site siteId and send a test notification. It will respond to only two events (site down and recovered).


  "test": true,
  "channel": "mail",
  "destination": {
      "mail": ""
  "notification_types": [

Update an existing team-level configuration (teamId and destinationId) to now use webhooks and respond to all Oh Dear events. This example will not send a test notification.


  "channel": "webhooks",
  "destination": {
    "url": "https://your-webhook-url"

Did you know?

You can also manage maintenance periods, post a status page message, enable/disable checks and much more using the API. There is also a PHP SDK and many third-party integrations ready to help you get started.

We’re excited to see how you’ll leverage this new feature to enhance your monitoring experience. Let us know what you are building or if you have any questions.

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