A fresh new dashboard look!

We just launched our brand new monitoring dashboard to all clients, giving a modern new look & feel to Oh Dear! There are plenty of improvements under the hood, so let's dive right in.

A fresh new dashboard

Here's what the new dashboard looks like.

Oh Dear dashboard in 2020

As usual, it auto-refreshes every 5 seconds (through the power of Laravel Livewire, which Freek wrote about here and here).

Pretty clean, right? 🙏

If we compare it to our previous dashboard, this one suddenly feels very ... old & bulky.

Old Oh Dear dashboard

We hope you'll get used to the new design as quickly as we did!

More information at your fingertips

This modern new look gives you a lot of information directly on the dashboard. In many cases, there's no need to click through anymore to see the reason of the alert.

Take this downtime alert for instance.

Example of downtime alert on dashboard

Or this SSL certificate warning.

Example of certificate alert on dashboard

Or these content warnings, which consist of both broken links & mixed content checking.

Example of broken link alert on dashboard

A summarized view of the error is available right there.

Of course, you can always click the entire cell and be taken to a more detailed view, with all the bells & whistles you know.

Modern touches everywhere!

Overall, the entire layout got a welcome refresher. A slightly darker background, tighter spacings around all elements and some more explicit hover states for our navigations.

Example of performance page

Example of settings page

We've introduced a new primary color, too. You'll notice a touch of dark blue for action buttons. This gives us a bit more flexibility with our UI/UX, to make these stand out more for important actions.

What do you think?

We hope you'll like these as much as we do!

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