What checks does Oh Dear perform?

Oh Dear consists of several checks to make your life as a developer or sysadmin easier. In general, there are five kinds of categories that we validate on your behalf.

  1. Uptime: as soon as one of your sites is down, we can notify you.
  2. Performance: we keep an eye on the performance and sudden changes in performance characteristics of your sites.
  3. SSL/TLS health: if a certificate is due to expire, has missing certificates in its chains or uses SHA-1 hashing, we'll let you know.
  4. Content validation: we crawl your sites and will notify you when we detected mixed content.
  5. Broken links: we crawl your site and will notify you when we detected a broken link.
  6. Cron job monitoring: as soon as one of your cron jobs doesn't ping us, we'll send you a notification.

All the ip addresses Oh Dear uses to check your sites are listed on this page.

Each check is further described in more detail.

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