Using tags on sites

All sites in Oh Dear can have one or many tags.

Using tags

When adding a site to Oh Dear, you can create or pick tags for that site. You can use tags to for instance visually mark them as important.


Picked tags will be visible across our UI.


We will also display the tags in all notifications for a site.

Finally, we'll also add the tags to the response of any API call that returns a site, and [all webhook notifications](You can use tags to for instance visually mark them as important.).

Updating tags

To update the tags of a site, head over to the site settings, and take a look at the "Tags" section.


You'll also find a "Tags" page in the team settings.


On this screen, you'll see an overview of all tags used across your sites. When you edit or delete tags here, they will be edited or deleted for all sites they are associated with.

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