Mixed Content reporting

Check frequency

Oh Dear will crawl your sites daily and will report any problems it finds during that crawl.

If we find the same mixed content in subsequent crawls we won't drown you in notifications, but we'll send you a reminder that there is mixed content after 7 days.

What is mixed content?

On an HTTPS website, all resources that get loaded (your CSS, JavaScript, images, ...) should come from an HTTPS endpoint. Browsers don't trust JavaScript being loaded from an HTTP endpoint if the origin was HTTPS.

Mixed Content reporting

Oh Dear finds these problems on your site and will generate a clean report for you to take action.

Found on URL Tag Mixed content URL
yoursite.tld/home img http://yoursite.tld/img/logo.png
img http://yoursite.tld/img/background.png
script http://yoursite.tld/js/jquery.min.js
yoursite.tld/about img http://yoursite.tld/img/logo.png
yoursite.tld/admin script http://yoursite.tld/js/secret.js

With this report, you'll have a clear sense of where to take action.

Recovery messages

If a next scan detects that all mixed content has been resolved, we'll make sure to tell you so you know your efforts paid off.

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