Getting started with notifications

Oh Dear has 2 levels to configure your preferred notifications: on the team-level or the site-level.

Team level notifications

Most users will configure their notifications on the team level. Any configuration made here is automatically applied to every site in your account.

Team-level notification settings are conveniently located in the top-right drop-down menu, under the notifications menu.

Oh Dear notifications menu

Site level notifications

Alternatively, you can configure alerts per site too. Click through on each site and you'll find the notifications options in the left-side menu.

Oh Dear notifications menu

Notifications configured here will only apply to that site and nothing else.

You can, optionally, override the team notifications per site too. This allows you to create a notification channel that is unique to that site, without inheriting any of the team-level notifications.

Oh Dear notifications menu

You'll find this option on the Preferences tab of the site-level notifications.

Configuring notifications

Once you're on the notification settings screen, you'll see a series of blocks similar to this one. In terms of functionality, both team and site level notifications behave the same.

Each block follows the same notification flow:

  • Determine where events are sent to
  • Determine what events should be sent

Oh Dear notifications menu

Each checkbox can be toggled to enable or disable that particular event from being sent to that channel.

You can add as many channels as you'd like. In the example of the email address, you can add multiple email addresses that each receive different events.

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