How to snooze notifications

You can temporarily silence or snooze notifications. We will still perform all checks, but won't send any notifications when a snooze is active.

Snooze per check

We perform several major checks per site: uptime reporting, broken links checking, certificate health, ...

Per type of check, you can choose to temporarily silence all notifications. We call this snoozing.

Snooze a check type

If you snooze a check, it applies to all notifications that would normally be sent: Slack, SMS, webhooks, ... all of them will be silenced.

Available on each check page

The Snooze tab is available on every check page. If you click through from a Slack alert, an e-mail notification, ... you'll find the Snooze tab available to you right there.

Cancelling a snooze

If you decide a snooze isn't needed any more, you can cancel a snooze from the same screen you activated it.

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